Tarot readings can bring inspiration, enchantment and intrigue to any occasion, providing a space for you to see the life you’re creating, the choices that lay ahead, and to illuminate answers that exist within you. 

Whether for a gathering of friends, couples, or just yourself, a tarot reading offers opportunity for authentic discussions, greater clarity, and a deeper connection to everyday magic.

How it works:

Your group tarot session begins with a guided meditation and centering. Each participant then receives their own personalized reading (approximately 15 minutes per person). Your tarot reader will help you formulate inquiries and interpret the symbolism and messages from the cards, providing guidance, insight and direction towards your desires. 

Tarot sessions can take place at your home, vacation rental or location of choice.


1-4 Guests: $125 (1 hour total)

Additional Guests: $25/person (approx 15 mins per person)



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