Bring yoga to you! Add some zen to your Smoky Mountain vacation by booking a mobile yoga class straight to your cabin or chalet. We’ll take care of the mats and customize your class – whether you want to move and sweat, or relax and stretch – you’ll be left feeling centered and restored.

Rates start at $200.00 for groups up to 6 people. An additional charge of $20.00 per additional person is added to group sizes of 7 and above. Mats and music included.


“Caroline is an extremely knowledgeable yoga instructor across the board. She is well-versed in her practice, as well as anatomy and physiology. Her entire outlook and demeanor make it clear that she not only loves yoga, but she loves sharing it. Her classes are a judgement-free zone where guidance is a gift to be received, not a forced requirement. She meets you at your limits and keeps pace with you, while available to help you in growing on your own yoga journey.”

Leigha, Student