If you do any kind of physical exercise, chances are you already have some clothing items appropriate to wear for yoga. 

And even if you’re not athletically inclined, there’s probably a pair of stretchy leggings somewhere in your wardrobe – after all, yoga pants have officially surpassed blue jeans in popularity across the US. But beyond just wearing something comfortable, you’ll want to be prepared for the kind of yoga class you’re going to. The last thing you need in a hot yoga room is a heavy pair of sweatpants, but you might want an extra layer doing yoga outdoors on a crisp autumn morning. 

Dress for Success

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to wear something soft and comfortable that allows you to stretch and move with ease. There are countless athleisure brands out there (we love Eagle Rock Werkshop and Prana for their sustainable materials!), but you don’t have to get fancy. A simple T-shirt and leggings will suffice in most cases.

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For women, form-fitting yoga pants and leggings are always a great choice. Look for a pair with a medium or high-rise waist to keep things in place, saving you the annoyance of pulling up and adjusting them in the middle of a flow. 

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Going to a hot yoga class? 

Consider wearing shorts to stay cool for those sweatier sessions. If you’re practicing arm balances like crow pose, having some exposed skin on your legs will provide a grippier surface to work with. 

They make yoga pants for men, too.

Joggers are in these days! Brands like Alo, Prana, and Lululemon carry yoga bottoms designed for men. You can wear running and basketball shorts to yoga class as well. 


Fitted tank tops and t-shirts are your friend, especially when it comes to being in any form of inversion. Consider that a downward dog or forward fold will bring a loose shirt down and forward too – right over your head, revealing whatever’s underneath. Which brings us to the next item:

Sports Bra

A supportive sports bra is a girl’s best friend. Choose one that will keep things in place – look for higher necklines and form-fitting designs. 

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Consider bringing a long-sleeve layer for an outdoor class on a chilly morning, or a pair of cozy socks to a restorative yoga class to keep you warm and comfortable.

For warmer conditions where you’ll perspire, having a towel or headband to absorb sweat (and some extra water to stay hydrated!) will make your practice more enjoyable. 

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What NOT to wear

Leave the Levi’s at home, friends.

Yoga class is not a place for jeans, or anything stiff and restrictive. Button-down shirts and belts can stay behind.

Shoes and Socks

Bare feet are better for finding stability and balance in the poses, plus shoes are more likely to tear up and dirty your mat. This is more of a strong recommendation than a hard rule. If you like the grip that shoes provide, try some grippy yoga socks. If you are hesitant to go barefoot because you feel self-conscious about your feet, try to get past it: yoga is all about accepting your body for what it can do, starting from the ground up! 

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The See-Through Test

Finally, make sure your outfit (the bottom half, at least), isn’t too transparent. Squat or bend over in the mirror to check your pants: it could save you – and the person on the mat behind you – some awkwardness. 

In the end, the best thing to wear to yoga class is an outfit that makes you feel both comfortable and confident. 

That way, you can focus on your practice, not pulling up your pants or tugging down your top. 

How do you like to dress for yoga class? We’d love to hear!

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